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"Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets." Amos 3:7 NKJV

2023 - God's Word Final Authority
The Word of the Lord to Kenneth Copeland concerning 2023!

from Kenneth Copeland Ministries

"2023 will be as exciting as it can be. It will be the time when you will say it and the devil will flee. All around you will begin to rise up, like great mountains of victory, and you will stand strong and say, 'God is on my side in 2023 because He is blessing me'."

Given by Kenneth Copeland
During the Ministers Conference
January 20, 2022

"What about 2023? What will 2023 be like?"

"Lots of changes. Enormous amounts of changing. A lot of the disturbances that are in the nation now will begin to be ironed out during that year, because of the major decisions that the Supreme Court has made. Once the Supreme Court here makes it, God makes it. He makes it right and turns it around."

"But 2023 will be as good as it can be because you will know the Truth and the Truth will make you free. Glory to God. You will know and understand more about this Book and its authority in our lives."

"So we rejoice in it. Heavenly Father we thank You for the blood covenants in this Book."

"Yes, it will be a year of great healings. It will be a year when whole churches will be healed and brought back to a place that they have lacked for the last five years."

"It will be year of judgment. Good judgment. I will judge things good, and it will be a year of judgment upon bad things. People who do not pay attention to what The WORD is saying and pay no attention to My WORD and to My people -- they will come to a place where it is just an act of judgmet because of the seeds they have sown. And many, many, many of them will come to pass in 2023."

"There are those that will say, 'Glory to God, I have been corrected and now my finances are straightened out'. And there are others who will say, 'I do not understand why all this has happened to me, but I guess give God the praise'. But people will begin to know and understand that VICTORY IS AT HAND when you worship Me, praise Me, and put My WORD as final authority in your life."

"You will know . With Me because I am the Truth. I am the Life. And I am the Way. My Father is Truth. With the two of us together in your life, Truth will become a way of life for you. It will break the bondages the devil has put in there."

"All of this will come to pass before 2023 is halfway through."

Given by Kenneth Copeland
During BVOV TV Broadcast Taping
September 29, 2022


"There will be many that bow the knee to Baal. There will be many that bow the knee to Me, saith The LORD. For the outpouring of My generosity and My goodness has begun, and will continue and go on and on."

"For the bottom line is the freedom of My people and the true freedom of this nation. The people that raised this nation up are part of the great cloud of witnesses. They are witnessing it in the spirit -- the power of the resurrection of this nation to bring it back to its original roots, and to bring it back to Me on bended knee."

"I have heard from heaven from My people, and I will get it done. It will look better, do better and be stronger than you ever dreamed it could be. This is 2023."

Given by Kenneth Copeland
October 26, 2022





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