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"Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets." Amos 3:7 NKJV

2020 - New Visions, Manifest Power, Great Change
The Word of the Lord to Kenneth Copeland concerning 2020!

from Kenneth Copeland Ministries

What about 2020? What is THE plan? What is God saying?

"Those politicians who refuse My call to unite and become the United States of America, and not just "America". Those politicians who refuse to listen, those politicians who continue the pathway of hate, I will remove them from their place, and I will remove their influence from the record books. I will remove their cndle in their families. I will remove them from office amd put somebody in there who will."

Given by Kenneth Copeland
During VICTORYthon
October 1, 2019


"2020 will be a year of great change. Wonderful and magnificent changes in the kingdom of God in the earth. Changes that will come because of insights, ideas and concepts directly from Jesus to His Church by His mighty Spirit. Glorious concepts of how His laws work; the laws governing increase and financial prosperity; the laws of the Spirit that release miracles and divne healings and manifestations of His almighty power on the earth. New concepts of His love; His very person; for He is Love. Insights into the true power and strength of His joy."

"It will be days of political change, great victories and great defeats. For the spiritual enemies of God and His people shall be crushed -- spirits, not flesh and blood. But there are those on both sides of the political divide who refuse to listen to The LORD Advocate General of the Church. Their dreams shall be dashed, their desires shall be wounded, and they will be removed from their offices and replaced, some by the ballot, some by tragedy, and some who in despair, will quit and go do something else."

"This is My country, saith The LORD Jesus. It was founded by people who love Me for the sole purpose of their love and desire to worship Me and to worship the Almighty God, and I will never forget that. Change. 2020 -- the Year of Change and Manifested Power, saith The LORD."

Given by Kenneth Copeland
En route to preach at Navajo Nation
October 13, 2019


New Visions
  • Increase of visions and dreams (According to Acts 2:14-21)
  • Insights, ideas and concepts
  • New concepts of His love; His very person; for He is Love
Manifest Power
  • Powerful outpouring and great revival among our sons and daughters
  • Laws of the Spirit that release miracles, divine healings and manifestations of His Almighty power on the earth
  • Greatest outpouring of spiritual power and glory ever in this nation
Great Change
  • Wonderful and magnificent changes in the kingdom of God in the earth
  • Days of political change -- great victories and great defeat
  • Jesus has opened the spiritual realm to receive intercession and supplication for change in everything that concerns our lives




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