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Now is Our Time
The Word of the Lord to Kenneth Copeland concerning 2007!

from Kenneth Copeland Ministries

The year of 2007…what will it be like? Will it be a year of disasters and catastrophes beyond imagination as some have predicted? Or will it be a continuance of the glory of heaven being manifested?

The year of 2007 will have some very serious catastrophes. There will be some things happening that the world will not know how to handle. But you may rest in Me, saith the Lord, because the manifestation of My glory will be so great in the year 2007, and [there will be] such overflowing revival throughout this nation and around the world that you're hardly even going to notice the natural catastrophes that happen. And the things that the devil is trying to do will get caught up in the swell and the explosive power of My Spirit being manifest, saith the Lord. Hallelujah.

2007 will be known as The Year of the Open Door. My Word states in Revelation chapter three that I open doors no man can shut. I shut doors no man can open.

There are those of you who over the years have set out with commitment and resolve to do things that I have assigned you to do, and over a period of time it looked like the devil just slammed the door in your face. Some because of catastrophic things happening in your family, others because of sickness and disease that has attacked, and others because of financial disasters and just plain ol' not enough money to get it done, that the devil was able, as I said, to just slam the door in your face. But you hear Me now, saith the Lord, I am opening your door! I am opening your door! I am opening your door and in 2007 neither the devil nor anybody else will be able to close it on you!

Don't quit! Don't give up! The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Don't give up on this nation. Don't give up on your church. Don't give up! Don't quit! Don't stop! 2007 is the year of doors open and held open. Go through them with great faith and stay on the Word! Stay on the Word! Stay on the Word! You stay with Me, I'll stay with you, and together we will see victory beyond anything you or anybody else has ever seen before! Hallelujah. Oh, Hallelujah. Glory, glory, glory.

Oh, hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Yes, bless the Lord. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Oh, glory to God.

And by that same token, saith the Lord, there are certain doors that the devil has been holding open - doors of war, doors of destruction, doors of all kinds of disobedience and blaspheming lies and tongues. Well, I'll tell you, in 2007 you and I together are going to slam the door on him. We are going to slam it in his face. We are going to walk on him and you are going to find out what I meant in My Word when I said set your feet on him and walk on him. He has been put under your feet. He is becoming the footstool that I said he would be. And now is our time, saith the Lord. Hallelujah. Yes. Bless the Lord.

Given by Kenneth Copeland
Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign
November 11, 2006





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