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Don't Listen to the Wrong Plan!
The Word of the Lord to Kenneth Copeland on October 19, 2008!

from Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Don't pay attention to or make any plans based on what the media say or what [polititians] say. Stand on My Word in John 16. Pay attention to Me. I [the Holy Spirit] will obey verses 13-15. I will show you things to come. I will lead you through troubled times. I already have THE plan for you, and its very good. Follow it. It will not only get you through, it will place you in a very high place -- a rich place -- a strong place of victory.

You will have to discipline yourself and be diligent to listen to Me. All the other voices will have a plan, a word, an idea for your future and security. Don't listen to Babylon's system. It has fallen apart. My system is stronger than ever. My kingdom is flourishing, and THE BLESSING is the place to be.

Keep your eyes on My Word. Listen to it. It will guide you and I will perform it. Love Me. Love My people as I have loved you. Walk in it. Love never fails, and neither does My plan.

Be very cautious to stay completely clean from covetousness. First Timothy 6:10 must live in the forefront of your thinking. If you will do these things and continue therein, you will come into your wealthy place. A place lifted up. A place in Me already planned and prepared for you now. Here. Not heaven -- not yet. But it wil seem like heaven right in the midst of all the trouble, and you'll be able to reach out to untold numbers of suffering people with the good news of the gospel.

I'm coming very soon. Sooner than you think. Keep your eyes on Me and you'll get the job done.




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