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You'll Walk in Wholeness
The Word of the Lord to Kenneth Copeland!

"I saw this time before the foundation of the world. I made plans, and they're good plans. My plan is the power of The Blessing.

And when the elements are put together, first My Word, and as you go into My Word and live by and throught My Word, then I am able to manifest Myself in your midst, and I will cause your life to rise like riding a rising tide.

And you will become an example. You'll walk in wholeness while others are walking terrible...uh...floundering and terrible disasters in their own lives and in their own physical bodies.

I've called you for this time. I'm coming so soon, that even sooner than you think. And I Am asking you and looking towards you to rise up in the midst of all of this and allow Me to direct your life, spirit, soul, body, financially and socially.

And I will make you whole, saith The LORD."

Given by Kenneth Copeland
During the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast
Air Date: March 26, 2019





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