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Feedback from A Fresh Start Online Visitors...

"Great information on the connection between the Mehtodist, the Holiness and The Pentacostal churches. The information regarding African Americans is just what I needed. Thanks. I am going to use some of this information for a paper I am doing for a Seminary class."

Greg, 11-28-2005

"I enjoy your wealth of knowledge! I have drawn alot of information from you....I like your writing style and perspective on things....Thanks and keep up the good work."

Robert Harris, 10-18-2005

"I am praying for you this day. You are a Joseph who has endured much hurt, isolation and pain for the cause of Christ. Your dark night is about to end. The door of the prison is now opening. The King has need of thee! You are about to be ushered from prison to position in a moments notice. HE WILL COMPLETE WHAT HE HAS BEGUN IN YOU!"

Michael Edds, 8/20/2005

"I love visiting sites like yours!"

Amy Lui, 7-3-2005

"I really enjoyed your dissertation."

Emily, 12-31-2004

"Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have seen your website and appreciate your work for the Lord and to strengthen the body of Jesus Christ. I am Phillip Timothy working as a Native missionary among Saura people group. After seeing your website I felt like sharing with you what I am doing here in India so that you can pray for [us] as we penetrate in to the enemy’s territory. [The] Lord has been so good to us to plant village churches in many villages that are poorest of the poor, and we have house churches in hundreds of villages. [The] Lord had given me the grace to train up nearly hundred natives as local missionaries and now it is my primary responsibility to train them in disciplined manner. Since last year Lord had extended our tent to other states of India….In the world 10/40 window India is the biggest nation and many tribes and communities still have not heard the gospel. Lord has given UPHOLD a vision to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ…”

Phillip Timothy
Missionary for the Saura Tribe
UPHOLD, 10-12-2004

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