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"This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12.

Love One Another
An Admonition to Love

by Mother Stella Pete

"This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12.

Jesus made love the theme of all He said and did. He told us that He had come into this world to make known to us the person of God as our loving and compassionate Father and Friend. Jesus, though His life of goodwill and ceaseless benevolence, going about doing good, leads us to see that we are precious and absolutely important in the eternal family of God. We are formed and fashioned with the capacity to love one another, and to glorify God.

The unique godly capacity for good in each one of us mandates that we respect the same godly capacity in others. Consider that we are called to love one another because we live on a spaceship called earth. High on the list of all moral rules is the command that we love one another. The heart of God is that we prosper and be a family, loving one another. The heart of the world, darkened by sin, is that we look out for self and our own thing with no regard for others. Regardless of who we are, we still need to be reminded over and over again, that the commandment of our God is that we love one another, even as Jesus Christ, our Lord, loved us with eternal love.

Love Also Binds Us Together

Almost everything we have has to be held together by something. We also need to be held together. We need to be close to one another. If we are not, life becomes very sad and lonely. We need to be close to our families, friends, etc. Let me tell you what holds us together better than anything else: LOVE! Love is the best tape, the best glue, the best staple, the best bolt that you can find to keep us close to one another. There are other things that we sometimes think keep us close to others but they don’t work as well as love.

No matter what you like doing with someone close to you, just remember that to love that person is the most important thing of all. Love will be the tape, the glue, the staple, the bolt that holds your friendship together. A friend loves at all times. Love is giving all you can. Perfect Love is…

  • Slow to offend – quick to defend.

  • Slow to expose—quick to shield.

  • Slow to demand – quick to give.

  • Slow to hinder – quick to help.

  • Slow to resent – quick to forgive.

  • And in closing, let me say, true, genuine, God given, heartfelt, in depth love…

  • Harbors no jealousy…

  • Demands no attention…

  • And requires no recognition…

  • Is loyal in friendships…

  • Gives assistance to those in need.

  • Let us love ye one another.


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