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Feedback from A Fresh Start Online Visitors...

"I'm a regular advertiser on your site Google Adwords, and that's how I found you. Over the last few months you've sent good traffic to our site so I've been digging deeper and I like what you are offering to Christians. I would be honored if you would consider linking to our Christian Prayer Center as a resource for your readers. We allow people to post prayer requests and in turn get thousands to pray for them. God Bless."

Pastor Eric, 11-22-2011

"We want to extend an invitation to you to visit us in Ghana for ministry. I believe your ministry will be a great blessing to us in Ghana. Africa really needs your leadership. Have a blessed day."

Bishop Jerry, 11-16-2011

"I want to get the affaliton with you and want you to visit me in Pakistan and cover my ministry in Pakistan."

Bishop Dilshad, 10-30-2011

"I minister in a local church in Africa. My desire is that they will grow and develop spiritually under me. I need God's touch, anointing and blessings on my life."

Simeon, 10-25-2011

"I welcome you to fellowship with me in kenaa."

Pastor Obuya, 9-9-2011

"Dearest Pastor Dr. Reve' M. Pete: I greet you in Jesus name. I'm Rev Pastor Augustin Omana of Calvary Church, Bujumbura-Burundi. It is so bless to saw your website and saw many works God is doing in your life and in your ministry, praise God! Our desre is to be in touch and invite your ministry in our country Burundi. I believe together we will bring the glory of God to all nations. We love you [we're] praying for you. Please end our love to brothers and sisters in christ."

Pastor Augustin, 7-14-2011
Calvry Church
Central Africa

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