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Feedback from A Fresh Start Online Visitors...

"Hello Doc, morning! So happy with what the Lord is [doing] through your ministry. I want to ask for your permission to use an article of yours: "Accept Jesus..." on our webpage....We are eager to learn from people like. Many thanks."

Victor, 4-27-2011

"I was raised in Vineland NJ and wondered if you might know where exactly in this town that 1867 Holiness Meeting was held. I visited the Historical Society there and did not find the information. a full time minister of the gospel....Thank you so much, and may God bless you as you labor for His Kingdom."

Angela, 4-21-2011

"I am a physician from North Carolina and read some of your work today. I was impressed. I was following up on my morning quiet time reading and meditation which was regarding Psalm 91. Thank you for the inspiration."

Dr. Alma, 2-24-2011

"I just wanted to let you know that, as a mother of a Girl Scout, I've been using your [Partner in Excellence Links] web page for my daughter's troop. It's been helpful...thanks for making it!..."

Sarah, 2-11-2011

"Dear Dr Pete, My husband Daniel and I are the Principal and Matron of a Holiness Bible School in Cape Town South Africa. I have a PhD and my husband DV will receive his PhD in Holiness. We visited England for the sake of Holiness in which we believe and love. He has such a desire to share his expertize as far as holiness is concerned in America. We have been at Holiness Bible Schools for nearly 30 years....With love in Jesus the Christ."

Hester, 12-28-2010

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