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Feedback from A Fresh Start Online Visitors...

"Hi, God bless you....May God Bless You As You Bring Forth Fruit To The Glory Of God."

Prophetess Angela Hines, 7-11-2010
Bethany Divinity College

"Greetings from your brother in Christ and thanks for your love....I was drummer with a Hindu devotional singers troop.while in a programme I heard about Jesus and I left that troop and stopped playing for any such Hindu devotional programme. And when my community came to know about my faith in Jesus I was athrown out of my home and worked with differrent churches and organisations for last 15 years....I am the only believer from my family....I am working among Punjabi Hindus [in North India]. I have a vision to start a new ministry....I do want start a new church....Please always remember me in your prayers. I'll continue prayer for your ministry...."

Pastor Darpen Masih, 6-28-2010

"To God Be the Glory...I have always wanted to start [an] online ministry on line. God has been good to me, and I would like to share the good news with someone else. I would like the ministry to reach people all over the world. If you will, and i know u will because it is God's business, help me, give me some guidelines help me to set it up. Thank you, and God bless."

Myra, 9-1-2009

"Hello Reve'... I sense in my spirit that you have crossed the threshold of and stepped into the divine destiny that God has planned for you before the foundation of the world. Your long dark night is ending. The sun of God's new day is rising upon you. The weeping that endured for the night has come to an end! It is the time that God has been preparing you for. God will open doors for you that you never dreamed possible. I feel the presence of God as I write this to you. Just like Joseph, you are being ushered from prison to position.....'The King has need of thee!'..."

Michael Edds, 8-1-2009

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